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Junior Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons for Kids

Golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages, especially when good coaching begins at an early age. Junior golf lessons at Victoria Hills Golf Club are offered for kids and teens of all levels and abilities. Whether you would simply like to introduce your child to the world of golf or you have a budding champion who could benefit from professional coaching, we have junior golf instruction packages to suit every goal.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is to provide a rewarding and fun experience by using a natural teaching style. Our coaches are informed by the latest academic research and they know how to translate complex technical concepts into plain language that kids understand.

First and foremost, however, our professional golf coaches strive to help develop an appreciation for the game. Without placing too much emphasis on form and technique, they structure their lessons around a formula that covers the mental aspect of golf as well as the physical and technical.

Top Notch Instructors Who Know How to Teach Kids & Teens

Our professional golf instructors may be seasoned players who’ve competed professionally and taught for years, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the basic joys of the game! Their passion shines through in their approach to teaching, and kids can’t help getting involved.

Tailored Instructional Programs to Encourage Junior Golfers

Nobody likes a cookie cutter class, where everything feels routine. Our instructors tailor their programs according to the individual golfers in each class. Their approach is that everyone is working together to achieve their individual goals.

By encouraging junior students in a supportive environment, the golf coaches at Victoria Hills Golf Club hope to cultivate a genuine love for the game that will stay with kids and teens throughout their lifetime. We’re proud to help bring the wonderful game of golf to a new generation of golfers. Call or email Director of Instruction Kerry Bower-Herr at Call Kerry Bower-Herr for junior golf instruction at (407) 342-4573 to find out how to get your junior golfer started.

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