Swing Tips

  1. Golfers with slicing or hooking problems can benefit from a change in grip thickness. Thicker grips cause the golfer to hold the grip more in the palms, which restricts wrist action, and causes fading or slicing. Thinner grips cause the golfer to hold the grip more in the fingers, allowing the wrists and forearms to release with less effort, resulting in draws or hooks.
  2. Listen for the ball to drop into the cup when putting from 10 feet and closer. This prevents your head from moving too soon. Try it – it’s harder than it sounds!
  3. Beach Ball Drill: (you can also use a basketball) To build lower body resistance and increase the power in your swing, place a beach ball between your knees and swing to the top of your backswing. Practice until you can make a full shoulder turn or coil, keeping the beach ball in place. This prevents your hips from over rotating, and helps keep your right knee flexed, allowing you to generate more controlled power and distance through your forward swing.

The Course is Calling

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